Life Map Re-Calculating

Life Map Re-Calculating


My life certainly hasn’t gone as planned, or dreamed. I’ve re-calculated my life maps hundreds of times and that’s ok.

No one plans for detours or disasters that occur along the way of your life’s journey so we need to re-calculate. Is the destination still the same or are you ready for a new one?

Setting Goals is one thing but without a plan, or map, to get there it’s just a DREAM. I’m sure you’ve heard that before. Goals sometimes change and you need to stop and recalculate the PLAN.

Do you have a Life Map? Have you reset it or recalculated your map lately?

I’ve reset mine a few dozen times in the last couple of years as I was devastated by my husband leaving me and the loss of my job. Creating my new maps give me the motivation and energy to move forward again rather than going in circles.

Every year people make New Years Resolutions. It’s June, Have you checked on yourself against those resolutions? Did you have a MAP of how you would achieve them?

CREATE YOUR MAP NOW. You can’t get to your destination without one.

Lets Pave the Way




I was speaking to some wonderful entrepreneurial ladies I have the honor and pleasure of sharing a facebook group with about some ideas I had for helping others and I learned that there’s actually a term for it, ADULTING. Who would have thought?

I am coming out of my own struggles and getting somethings cleaned up from my past mistakes and irresponsibilities, and I thought I’d share my experience with others that may also be struggling or may just be starting out so that they DON’T make these mistakes. Growing up you don’t necessarily learn HOW TO BE AN ADULT. You’re not taught how to budget, balance a checkbook (if anyone still uses one), how to monitor your credit, how to run a household. School doesn’t even go over these things. My husband still doesn’t know how to write a check because he’s never had to and was never taught how to.

I grew up with a single Mom who struggled to make ends meet until she finally finished her education and became a teacher. She did a pretty good job stretching her money and getting her bills paid, but she didn’t show me how. She also didn’t do much more than the bare necessities with her money and at least her NYC job provided her a pension.

Pensions are a thing of the past. Social Security is on the verge of extinction. It’s not up to the government or even your employer to ensure you have money when you retire. It’s up to ALL of US as individuals to make sure we’re taken care of.

When I started working, I started out with a reasonable salary that I was happy to get and never would have imagined that in 10 years time that salary would have tripled. My husband and I were making a very good living but we squandered it all. The more we made the more debt we had. After 2008 when the stock market crashed, our salary plummeted down by almost half but our debt was more than ever, then I lost my job all together. Long Story short it was hard to catch up and dig us out of that hole we dug for ourselves.

I am ashamed and embarrassed to say that although we made a good living we lived pay check to pay check and today have $0 in our savings account and $0 in our 401k because we kept stealing from Peter to pay Paul.

Today I’m off that merry go round. I hope that my experience will help at least one person from making the same mistakes.

Today I run my own personal finances and house hold duties as if it were my business and I’m the CEO. I’ve learned alot of different concepts to personal finances and budgeting, tried different systems and tools, and read lots and lots of books!

I’m 48 and I had to start all over from ZERO. If I can do it so can YOU!

It’s never to late to start #ADULTING

Spring Cleaning

Spring Cleaning.png

I’m getting started on my Spring Cleaning a little late this year. But I’m NOT doing my normal Spring Cleaning because I’m putting the house on the market so it’s your SUPER DUPER Spring Cleaning. I don’t want to pack anything I don’t need or haven’t used and bring it to my new place, especially since I’m downsizing.

This is a huge endeavor, I’m going from a 4 BR, 3 1/2 Bath 3600sq foot house to a small 1100sq 2 BR Rental. It’s time to move forward and leave the old behind.

Easy┬átips that helped me get thru this smoothly – well almost smoothly because we all know NOTHING goes entirely smooth and as expected.

  1. One ROOM at a Time – don’t get distracted. Put the music on, roll up your sleeves and ATTACK that room.
  2. 3 Boxes – As you ATTACK that room I have 3 Boxes with me.
    1. Donate — Anything you want to Donate
    2. Sell – Anything you might want to Sell. Someone’s trash is someone else’s treasure.
    3. Other Room – The item doesn’t belong in this room it belongs to another room. This Box is the time saver. It keeps me in the room I’m attacking instead of running all thru the house to put away the other things.
  3. 1 LARGE TRASH BAG – you will ALWAYS have trash.

Simple but very effective. Speaking as someone who tends to start cleaning the kitchen then finds herself within 10minutes doing laundry while the kitchen is still a mess, this concept helps me stay the course.

If I find myself drifting down memory lane while I’m sorting I put my timer on and get into Pomodoro Mode. Timer on 25 for minutes and focus with no distractions, then a 10min break.

Financial Headcase

Financial Headcase

I must confess my sins so that I can truly learn to move forward. I can’t believe the things that I’ve done and I’m so embarrassed by them.

My mother has always been there for me no matter what and because of that she is facing foreclosure, and it’s my fault.

You see I have a huge issue with Money. I fail at my financial responsibilities. I make very poor choices. I’m scared to face my financial limitations. It all started with the more money I made. Instead of saving, I’d spend with no regard to the outcome. I wouldn’t look at prices, I just bought it.

We sold our quaint small house and upgraded to a lavish 3400sq ft home that we could hardly afford. We were in a financial mess. My mom kindly agreed to lend me the money and took out a second mortgage on her home.

Then 2008 came and the financial markets crashed. I lost my job and my husbands compensation slashed in half. I couldn’t make the payments on our own mortgage let alone my mom’s. Fast forward to 2017 and she’s facing foreclosure.

The worst part of all this, is that I hadn’t learned my lesson. My debt just kept growing and growing until it was out of control. I kept hoping that I could catch up and fix it but the fact was I couldn’t. I couldn’t do it alone.

Just like any other issue, I had to first admit I had a problem. I had to face my mother and let her know I screwed up with her and hope that she forgave me.

I also had to do whatever I can to make things right and help her save her home.

My sister doesn’t forgive me and I guess I deserve that. It’s humiliating to me that my 27 year old sister is more financially literate than I am.

Now I have a financial therapist, didn’t even know they existed, who helps me with my finances. No this isn’t a financial adviser who helps with investments, it’s a Financial THERAPIST. Helps you define your financial plans – budget, expenses, debt payment, credit repair, ect…

I have a long way to go until I’m financially stable but I’m on the right path and at least I have a non-judgmental person that I can’ talk these things over with.

30 Day Challenges

Have you noticed that everywhere you look someone is doing some sort of challenge. 30 day cleanse challenge, 21 day sales challenge, 14 day diet challenge. Whatever you can imagine I’m sure someone is doing a challenge. So… I’ve joined the pack.

I started a 30 day clean diet. I’m on day 13 and lost 5lbs. Why? Well, for me I’m not at my ideal size. When I started I weiched 130lbs. I’m only 5’4″ and I know 130lbs isn’t that bad. It wasn’t about what the actual scale said, it was more about how I felt in my clothes. The 130lbs isn’t well proportioned and seems it’s all in my tummy, love handles and back fat — Not attractive. So on to challenge #1. My daughter is doing it with me more as a healthy lifestyle and to see if her acne improves. We’re not going nuts over it and if we want to indulge in something once in a while, we do.

Today I start challenge #2 — 30 day Yoga challenge. Why? Well, I’ve always wanted to do yoga. In my 30’s when I was first interested, I just couldn’t find the time and I also thought I would walk into a room of people bending their bodies like pretzels and look foolish so I never tried. Now it’s more about the discipline and getting my lazy but on a consistent schedule. The challenge comes with a support system and coaching so I feel more accountable.

My next challenge will be related to work. I’ve been lazy in that arena too when it comes to prospecting so my business partner and I are attending a class given by our brokerage and we will create a challenge we can do to continue to strive for greatness. Prospecting is not one of my favorite things but if I dont do it, I probably wont get as many clients as I would like.

Well, off to Yoga!